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About Us

A New Drug Delivery Platform

We use a novel approach to develop drugs acting on the nervous system. Our drug development also uses traditional pharmaceutical chemistry to explore derivatives of lead compounds. Our first two targets are anti-seizure drugs and anesthetics. 

Market Space

In the US, approximately 3 million people have seizures, of which about one third do not respond to currently available medications. Currently, about $4 billion is spent yearly on drugs for seizures 

Next Steps

We have developed various new anesthetics and have tested them both in tadpoles and mice. We have started anti-seizure testing and have identified an effective lead compound in mice. Next, we will use traditional pharmaceutical chemistry techniques to make and test derivatives of those lead compounds, with the goal of identifying longer acting drugs and proving their effectiveness in mice. 

The Team

James Sonner  - Founder & Chief Science Officer

David Sonner - EVP

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BraneQuest, Inc.

Pasadena, California, United States

(213) 361-4786